1. One and Only 2021 (Çin)

    One and Only 2021 (Çin)

    IMDb : 5.0 23 Bölüm

    Zhou Sheng Chen, son of Prince Nan Chen, is an accomplished general who is loyal to the country. Cui Shi Yi, daughter of an esteemed family, is the appointed Crown Princess since birth. As both their families are acquainted, Cui Shi Yi was sent to the Zhou Manor to learn some skills. There, Zhou Sheng Chen and Cui Shi Yi got to befriend each other. Cui Shi Yi grew to admire Zhou Sheng Chen's lofty ambitions and gentlemanly character and slowly fell for him. She becomes his greatest support and companion, helping him wait for intelligence in the manor, and going to war with him. However, their relationship could not take a step forward due to their respective responsibilities. When the borders are once again endangered, Zhou Sheng Chen has to lead the army to battle enemies, while Cui Shi Yi has to complete her wedding with the Crown Prince. However, at this time, Zhou Sheng Chen became seriously injured.
    ( Toplamda 19 oy verildi. )

      5.0   21.741

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      Elif Bayram 19 Ağustos 2021 11:58:14

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      Admin Hot shot taiwan dizisinide yüklermisin

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    Police procedural adlı yeni bir çin dizisi çıkmış çevirebilir misiniz ?

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      Dramacıkiz 19 Ağustos 2021 15:25:58

    Police procedural adlı yeni bir çin dizisi çıkmış çevirebilir misiniz

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      Bu dizinin altyazısı yok. Olsaydı eklerdim.

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      Yagmur kaya 19 Ağustos 2021 22:36:16

    The most beautiful you the world dizisinide cevirirmisiniz

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    Emeğinize sağlık Aziz bey.Acaba,”the glory of tang dynasty” dizisini çevirebilir misiniz

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      Ekleyecektim ama ikisinin de altyazıları yok.